(encore) Mary, God’s Solution to World in Crisis; Home, the Eternal in the Everyday; Natural Women’s Health 12.11.19

The 12/31/19 broadcast of A Closer Look was an encore from 12/11/19

  • Dr. Carrie Gress: Mary as God’s solution to a civilization in crisis, antidote to toxic feminism causing family breakdown, broken homes; Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday; how our homes can help us, our families and guests see God at work and get us to the Father’s house.
  • You don’t have an advanced degree in theology to evangelize – you just have to love them, pray for them. Homes are a foreshadowing of heaven; homes can evangelize! Invite someone into your kitchen.
  • Dr. Marguerite Duane: Fertility Awareness, appreciation of natural health care treatment; educating medical professionals and women about fertility awareness based methods of family planning.
  • Caller Dolores: We are referencing your website; we’re starting Catholic med center. Caller, Tony: My daughter has endometriosis, how can i find a good doc?