Faith and Sports, Law, Human Rights, Higher Learning 1.27.20

  • Patrick McCaskey: Faith and sports, devoted & devout in the sports world (Kobe Bryant’s Catholic faith); watching athletic games, notice the signs of faith and references to God; ‘Worthwhile Struggle’, a lesson plan for sports competitions and for life (in a week bookended by Kobe Bryant news, Super Bowl weekend).
  • Montse Alvarado: Becket Law’s 2020 case lineup in courts, anticipated victories defending religious freedom; prayer in schools; conscience rule, faith based adoption agencies; Kavanaugh seeing ‘grotesque religious bigotry’; why are Little Sisters still battling in court for their right to run homes according to beliefs?
  • William Saunders: CUA’s new Master of Arts in Human Rights program, an Institute for Human Ecology project; interdisciplinary degree will teach human rights from the Catholic perspective in philosophy, theology, religious studies, law, Canon Law, arts & sciences.