Finance Friday/Standing for Life with Leah Darrow

  • Hour 3 of 1-10-20
  • Get updated on the markets with Peter Grandich. They talk football and where the economy stands. Wall Street reports a positive serge in the markets, but Peter is not so optimistic. He explains why he doesn’t think the president should be so confident in his numbers, and that it might end up falling badly. What do you think? One caller thanks Peter for his honest analysis because she adds that so many people are still struggling financially. You can read his Q and A here, and a spiritual reflection here.
  • Did you hear about the terribly dark abortion comments that Michelle Williams made at the Golden Globes last week? She thanked abortion for her success, and that she wouldn’t be where she is now without the choice to have one. How sick! Leah Darrow made a comeback message and shared her beautiful message which went viral. Having just given birth to her 5th child, she believes in the power and sanctity of life. She is trying to get the hashtag #BabiesAndDreams trending online, to show that you can have kids and accomplish your dreams at the same time.
  • Drew discusses Jeopardy with Patrick Alog to wind down the busy week. There is a new special called Jeopardy GOAT, meaning ‘Greatest of all time.’ This is a showdown between three of the best players over the years. One of the players gave up his question and intentionally gave the wrong answer, instead writing in ‘We love you, Alex Trebek.’ Alex continues his struggle with cancer and is not sure how long he will be able to continue hosting the show.