Go Ask Your Father January 10th – Paying It Forward

Msgr. Swetland shares with you a heartwarming story of how a simple act of kindness by “paying it forward” helped a military mother deal with her son leaving for deployment.


Caller Question – She found a NYT article that says there is no biblical proof for Hell. What are we to make of this?

Caller Question – Her niece is going to make her first communion but she is allergic to the host. What should they do?

Caller Question – She keeps hearing someone talk to her, is this her guardian angel?

Caller Question – Why does God allow spiritual warfare?

Caller Question – Her family is in the process of converting to the faith, and wants to know more about apparitions?

Catechetical Corner – Prayer

Caller Question – What will happen to non-Catholics at the Last Judgement?

Caller Question – Can fallen away Catholics still make it to purgatory?