Go Ask Your Father January 20th – With Fr. John Paul Erickson

Today is Martin Luther King Day. Father John Paul Erickson reflects on his life and why it is important for us to remember his work.


Caller Question – She keeps seeing her dads face during adoration, what does this mean?

Caller Question – Is it okay for a priest to have a small bottle of water on the altar during Mass?

Caller Question – Is it okay to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for a friend who is not Catholic?

Caller Question – If God is not human, how can he make other humans?

Caller Question – How can she explain to teenagers that God exists?

Caller Question – Can non-Catholics go to confession?

Caller Question – How does excommunication work and what does it mean for protestants?

Caller Question – Why are both species not used at Mass anymore?