Go Ask Your Father January 2nd – A Close Knit Community

A close knit community is something we should all strive for as Catholics, and it is something that can even save a life. Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a man who saved the lives of people in his community from a sinking fishing boat.


Caller Question – What is the difference between “created grace” and “un-created grace”?

Caller Question – What does Msgr Swetland know about the St Augustine Bible?

Caller Question – What can God DO and NOT do?

Caller Question – What happens to our guardian angel after we die?

Caller Question – Can Msgr Swetland share his thoughts on Pope Francis most recent tweet about baby Jesus?

Catechetical Corner – The Common Good

Caller Question – When praying a rosary for an indulgence, why does it need to be said out loud?

Caller Question – Why do we not say the St Michael Prayer after Mass anymore?