Go Ask Your Father January 30th – Good Stories

Msgr Swetland shares with you the good in reading good stories and why it is important for Catholics to read good stories.


Caller Question – If non-believers die, do they still go to heaven?

Caller Question – What is Msgr Swetland’s opinion on the sign of peace during flu season?

Caller Question – Who has the authority in a family to pray others?

Caller Question – Why is it our fault that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit?

Caller Question – If you go to Mass twice in the same day, can you receive the Eucharist at both Masses?

Caller Question – How can we get better books into libraries?

Caller Question – What are some good modern day books that people can read?

Catechetical Corner – Unjust Laws

Caller Question – Is it moral to get the flu shot?

Caller Question – Is it a sin to receive communion at 3 different Masses in the same day?