Healing from donor conception

  • Hour 3 of 1-23-20
  • Katy Francisco is a young woman who found out later in her life that she was conceived by a donor. It came as a shock to her, because she was not told the truth, and her brother was there to help her in the difficult time of shame, sadness, and anger. The hurt she felt began to wash away when she started to see God as the father she was always looking for. She also found healing as she recently got married and is expecting her first child soon. You can read her story here.
  • There is a new Marist poll on abortion, and it reveals that hearts are changing and seeing the reality of abortion. As CNS News reports, “70% of Americans support major restrictions on abortion and 55% of Americans would ban abortion after 20 weeks.” You can read the entire report here. Andrew Walther reports, and says that we as a nation are getting weary of seeing late term abortion and the dehumanization of babies in the womb. They are people too, and they deserve a voice.