Impeachment trial in the Senate

  • Hour 1 of 1-21-20
  • A look at the Senate trial underway. The president continues to be examined as to whether or not he did anything criminally wrong or actually obstructed Congress. Today, President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow defended him, adding that the president had every right to do what he did. Rep. Adam Schiff believes otherwise, and has already fired back at Sen. McConnell, saying he wanted the Senate rules changed. David Carlin weighs in, and it becomes a discussion about civility and unity in politics. How and why did we get to a place where we demonize those we disagree with?
  • Msgr. James Shae is getting ready to go with the University of Mary to the March for Life. He joins Ed to talk about the march as well as the importance of Catholic education. Now that education in private schools has been threatened in certain Supreme Court cases, we need to recall how vital it is for our kids to receive a quality Catholic educational experience.