Iran crisis and avoiding war

  • Hour 1 of 1-8-20
  • There’s been some scary news between the US and Iran. News of Iran retaliating and striking a US military base have made some wonder if WWIII might happen. However, President Trump seemed to diffuse the situation when he addressed the nation and imposed economic sanctions on Iran. He has ordered them to stand down, and as of now, it seems as if they are listening. Let’s pray for peace and unity in this time. So many people want to blame the president, but he needs all the support he can get. Dakota Wood, Dr. Jeff Gardner, and Msgr Stuart Swetland share their thoughts and expertise.
  • Could you give up hot showers, alcohol, snacks, and make time for extra prayer and exercise for 90 days in a row? We believe you can! You can participate in what is called Exodus 90, a Catholic discipline program for men that actually began from a rigorous training program in a seminary. James Baxter believes that men can lose their attachments and proclivity to lust and sin when they turn their hearts entirely over to God. This helps them to trust completely in Christ, and it’s an act of surrender. Learn more here! Baxter joins Drew to explain more. There is a version for women as well, learn here.