Iran crisis

  • Hour 1 of 1-10-20
  • The crisis in Iran continues with news that they may be responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian plane. They have not taken responsibility for it, but reports prove otherwise. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo briefed the press this morning and indicates that he believes this strike was from Iran. Dr. Paul Kengor examines the history of terror that Iran has raged upon the world and makes his case that this nation should not once be thought of as innocent. Dr. Kengor writes that the president “averted a Benghazi.”
  • Wesley Smith reports on the striking rise in euthanasia, which further points to the prevalence of a culture of death. A frightening report that doctors are euthanizing their own patients for the purpose of organ harvesting – read here. How can people see this as normal?? More and more are becoming desensitized and no longer alert! So much so that the culture of destruction is only going to become more and more influential if we don’t wake up.