Life is winning

  • Hour 1 of 1-16-20
  • There’s a new migrant caravan coming in through Mexico, but because the president is asking Mexico to better enforce their laws, they are not letting them into the US. It has not been reported much in the media ironically, but should be discussed. What is the proper stance on immigration as a Catholic? How can we remain safe and protect our borders while still remaining charitable towards those in need? Fr. Thomas Betz gives his examination, and reminds us that we cannot wait until our lives are perfectly secure to help those in need.
  • New York may soon force doctors to perform abortions, even if it violates their religious beliefs. How have we gotten to this place? Will this happen in other states? Dr. Michael Parker gives a report, and says that while they may not lose their license for refusing to abide, conscientious objectors could still be penalized.
  • A new faulty study claims that most women don’t regret their abortions. We know that this survey has to be biased, because women are scarred and hold their guilt deep within their heart. They may not experience trauma right away, as Abby Johnson explains, but abortion leaves a dent within their souls. There is always hope and healing, and Fr. Paul Sullins joins the show to talk about it.