Marches, Rallies for Life, Social Action & Celebration; Benedict XVI Role in Priesthood Book 1.15.20

  • Patrick Von Dohlen: San Antonio Family Association sponsors Saturday’s Alamo March and San Antonio Rally for Life “to remember and peacefully protest the tragic Roe v. Wade decision and bear witness to life’ at the Cathedral, City Council Chambers and County Courthouse.
  • Tere Haring: Allied Women’s Center Director speaking at San Antonio Rally of the real choices women have, how pregnancy help centers provide needs of women and their children, the success of saving over 2,000 babies and challenge of ending abortion as a choice women would make.
  • Fr. Joseph Fessio: Book on priesthood and celibacy by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, why Benedict made this extraordinary effort on this set of topics, and why he then asked that his name and photo be removed from the book.
  • Kathleen Domingo: Update on CA’s SB 673 hearing on sexual health curriculum being age appropriate for state’s public school children, and parental oversight; OneLife LA’s major events scheduled for Saturday, diversity of speakers, topics & issues; unique nature of this event.