New book released on priestly celibacy

  • Hour 3 of 1-14-20
  • Upon the news that a book was released defending the teachings of clerical celibacy, news has come out that Pope Benedict wants to reportedly remove his name from the book, (called “From the Depths of Our Hearts.”) This is not to say that Pope Benedict Emeritus didn’t write some of it alongside Cardinal Robert Sarah, though. What does this mean moving forward? Fr. Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press reports on this. (Ignatius is the book that will be involved in publishing, and it will be released on Feb 20th.)
  • Listen to what Patrick Madrid had to say about the Church’s teaching on celibacy; he explains his defense and outlines reasons why he believes the Church is better if if remains aligned to this discipline. Fr. Paul Sullins is a married Catholic priest who was granted dispensation due to his conversion to the faith after being an Episcopal priest. He shares his view on this Church’s teaching, and admits that allowing some men to be married priest does complicate the issue. Should men who make a vow to be priests remain committed only to God? Would they be distracted if they had a wife and family to take care of? Would they take a vow of sexual abstinence (Josephite marriage) afterwards? These are some questions considered.