Planned Parenthood spending 45 million dollars on election

  • Hour 1 of 1-20-20
  • As the Senate prepares to take on the impeachment trial, the president has amped up his legal defense team with some heavy weights like Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz and other Republican senators are signalling that they will protect the president and argue that he did nothing constitutionally wrong. Yet Democrats continue to blame the president for wrong doing and criminal activity, including ‘obstruction of Congress.’ How long will it take for this to resolve itself, and will it help the president in 2020? Dr. Paul Kengor joins Drew to advise.
  • VP Mike Pence and President Trump have done much to stand for life. By putting pro-life justices on the Supreme Court and other great legislation, they have shown Americans that they are truly willing to stand against the culture of death. Planned Parenthood is nervous because they are spending 45 million dollars on the election. Life is winning! Prudence Robertson gives her analysis.
  • Dr. Susan Hanssen gives her take on ‘Megxit,’ which involves the Royal Family. Harry and Meghan Markle have divorced and renounced their royalty. Why do people get so invested in this and what can we learn from it? Dr. Hanssen explains the reasons she believes we should not be so invested in this story that we lose a sense of reality.