Political news from former Congressman Sean Duffy

  • Hour 3 of 1-8-20
  • As we’re getting closer to the 2020 presidential race, we are seeing the top 4 candidates emerge. Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden are trailing ahead of the others. It is interesting to see Pete Buttigieg play himself as more of a moderate, which might be helping his poll numbers. Sean Duffy, a new CNN contributor and former congressman, explains why he still thinks that former VP Joe Biden has the best shot. On top of all of this, the president is getting harsh treatment in the midst of the Iranian crisis, and the Democrats seem to blast him every chance they get. Duffy argues that while the president is not perfect, he is not being treated fairly. We need to pray for him and this country so that we can avoid war.
  • Rafael Mangual sounds off on a new measure in NY which is a bail reform bill. It seeks to cut down the number of people who are put in jail. Is this a good thing? Are poor people more at risk of being unfairly treated and imprisoned? Or will this only add to crime? Get answers to this and more.