Should we use the term ‘gay?’

  • Hour 3 of 1-2-20
  • Dr. Paul Kengor begins the hour discussing the top stories of the year, including impeachment, the president’s response to his opponents, and how the Democrats candidates have fared. Dr. Kengor narrows down the top candidates of the 2020 Democratic race to Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren, Joe Biden, and Mayor Pete. He expresses concern that the Democrats are more than ever willing to elect a socialist to be president. He reminds us that the Catholic Church decries socialism and communism as evil and impermissible. Let’s pray for this nation moving forward that we might restore God back into society.
  • One caller expresses her disappointment with Dr. Kengor putting quotes around the word ‘gay,’ when referring to Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Dr. Paul then aptly explains that he is tired of the culture trying to make innocent words like gay something deviant, (which used to be including in classic movies as something entirely different.) Dr. Kengor challenges us as Catholics to not be swept away by the cultural tide, and to stand strong against this wave of secularism. While we love and support our friends and family members who are homosexual, we can never condone this behavior, which only leads to suicidal ideations and depression.