The impeachment trial moves to the Senate

  • Hour 1 of 1-17-20
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally handed over the articles of impeachment over to the House, so this trial can move forward. The president has put together a great legal defense team which includes Ken Starr.  The House wants new evidence to be used which has been manufactured by Lev Parnas, but the Senate will have none of it. Congressman Bob Barr expresses his disdain for what is being done to the president, as he claims that nothing illegal was done.
  • Pope Francis will have a special meeting on economics in Assisi. It will challenge the traditional capitalist way of economics that we are used to in the US. Despite stock market surges this week, Thomas Storck argues that many people are still struggling financially. He explains that the markets are not always reflective of how people are faring economically. He argues for distributivism which fits in line with Catholic social teaching.