The morality of the Iran situation

  • Hour 1 of 1-6-20
  • Now that Soleimani, the ruthless Iranian leader has been struck down, some are worried about an imminent attack on the US. Could they retaliate against us? Sec of State Mike Pompeo assured CNN that there was reason to believe that Iran would kill Americans in the region, but where is the line drawn? The president has said that if Iran does anything else he will attack 52 regions, including important cultural sites. Msgr Stuart Swetland is an expert on just war, and he gives you his take. Fr. Nicholas Federspiel examines the spiritual response to all of this and pleads with us to pray for those in the military. Dr. Daniel Mark also gives you an update on ISIS. On Christmas day, there were Christians in Nigeria who were beheaded. What are we able to do to prevent this from happening again, and where are we on the religious freedom front? Get answers to this and more.