The Patrick Madrid Show: January 13, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Continued Caller: Deacon Martin in IN is offended by Patrick’s argument for celibacy. He agrees priests shouldn’t be married, but as a Deacon, he does balance family life with ministry
  • Caller: Ryan in IA asks about the celibacy rule in regards to former protestant pastors who are married who convert and want to become Catholic priests
  • Caller: Larry in NM says he is grateful for this conversation on priestly celibacy and abuse scandals
  • Caller: Bernadette in NM was abused by a priest because he was mad at the church and Patrick advises she report it to police
  • Caller: Dave in CA shares his story that as a lawyer he dug into the Jenkins Study and found that 4% of priests are accused, 6% of Protestants, 8% of teachers