The Patrick Madrid Show: January 14, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Military exchange to stop selling ‘Jesus’ Scripture Candy after secular group complains
  • Caller: Judy in IL asks if a married Protestant pastor who becomes a Catholic priest would be considered a polygamist since he would be married to the Church
  • Caller: Charles in NM asks about Pope Emeritus Benedict’s involvement in the book with Cardinal Sarah
  • Glen reports the breaking update that Benedict XVI didn’t know he would be portrayed as a co-author, and requests his name and photo be removed from the cover, although his comments in the book remain 100% approved
  • Caller: Jeri in WI shares how the Levites were chosen by God for a specific reason, and compares it to how men are specifically called to the priesthood
  • Caller: Maria in CA has a friend who argued with her that the abortion issue is between a woman and God; it’s not to be debated by anyone else. How does she respond?
  • Caller: Joe in CA doesn’t like Patrick’s analogy of priestly celibacy