The Patrick Madrid Show: January 15, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Patrick reports breaking news that the Russian government is resigning, after Putin stated he wants to change the Constitution
  • Caller: Claudia asks about the song “Mary Did You Know?”
  • Caller: Judy in CA asks where in the Bible it says angels are at Mass? She loved the new video circulating called “The Veil Removed” and wants to share with her family
  • Caller: Victoria in NY has a son who is a firefighter and he wants to know where God was on 9/11
  • Caller: Maria in IL asks why God spared Patrick from the plane crash but allowed the rest of the people to die
  • Caller: Patty in IL thanks Patrick for helping her understand the Faith. She likes what he has to say!
  • Caller: Maddie in MO is confused because she has heard that Our Lady of Guadalupe is the same as the Aztec goddess and she asks for clarification
  • Caller: Laura in FL asks for advice on how to tactfully ask her husband to pay to send the kids to Catholic school instead of public. She has the money to afford it but he feels it’s unnecessary