The Patrick Madrid Show: January 16, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Jo asks if she can buy herself a brown scapular. She’s heard a rumor that it has to be gifted by someone
  • Caller: Henry in CA asks about the 42 generations in the Bible that we never really hear about otherwise
  • Caller: Paul in AZ asks if Peter was the first pope and if the Church considers Vatican I and Vatican II as the word of God and must be followed
  • Caller: Rachelle in MI asks about modern technology and surveillance that seems to be increasingly invasive…is it offensive to God’s omnipotence?
  • Caller: Dana in CA thanks Patrick for his show. She teaches Catechism and didn’t know how to answer her kids’ question on why life seems to be a test
  • Caller: Carmen in MN asks how to help her brother who is angry at the Church and is going on a trip. She doesn’t like seeing him so hurt, but he won’t listen to her advice