The Patrick Madrid Show: January 16, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: John in IL asks about the choirs of angels. Are the Powers and Principalities good or bad?
  • Caller: Joseph in AZ asks about a St. Joseph statue he saw where his foot was resting atop what looks like a book. Patrick thinks it may be a block of wood to represent his carpentry
  • Caller: Gracie in AK has a brother who got into Aukwaska and Pachimama and he eventually realized it wasn’t of God and he is slowly starting to come back to the Faith
  • Caller: Laurie in RI asks if Patrick thinks sometimes hospice care is opposed to natural law. She feels as if patients die extremely quickly after going on hospice
  • Caller: Hayley in MN asks what Patrick’s wife said to that waitress that one time when she was being judged for having 11 kids. She also asks why Jesus said that John the Baptist was the best child born of woman
  • Caller: Michael in FL asks about Peter’s name in Greek, “Petra.” He says that Jon MacArthur claims it means “small rock.” Patrick clarifies the truth.
  • Caller: Maricella in CA asks about a good book to learn about socialism, as well as which Bible version is best