The Patrick Madrid Show: January 16, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: David in NJ asks how disfigured Jesus was when he rose from the dead. Will we see his woundedness in Heaven or will He be in a glorified body?
  • Caller: Don in WI recounts how when he was a kid in Catholic school there was never any emphasis on learning the Bible. He wonders if he’s a bad Catholic for not knowing Scripture better
  • Caller: Cheryl in MA asks how to recognize false prophets vs. true prophets
  • Caller: Ed in MN asks about non-Catholics receiving Holy Communion
  • Caller: Roger in CA asks what it means when Jesus says in Scripture to the apostles, “what you bind on earth is bound in Heaven, what you loose on earth is loose in Heaven?”
  • Caller: George in GA asks at what point the soul joins the body after conception
  • Caller: Adamar in NJ asks about today’s first reading regarding the attack on the Israelites