The Patrick Madrid Show: January 2, 2020 – Hour 2

Merry Christmas!

  • Special Guest Chris Aubert talks with Paul from South Mississippi. He called in to talk about how people use social media to say mean things all while hiding behind their computer/phone screens
  • Maria from San Juan Capistrano, CA called in to comment on Pope Francis. She says he was just irritated, and that it’s no big deal. Chris shares the story of when he met Pope John Paul II and how he had become overwhelmed by emotion.
  • Teresa in Miami, FL called in to share that she gossips about Pope Francis, but the lady that pulled his arm is the one who should be apologizing.
  • Ed from Palm City, FL says that Jesus wouldn’t act like that, in regards to Pope Francis’ reaction
  • Robert in San Francisco thinks it’s okay that Pope Francis reprimanded her