The Patrick Madrid Show: January 2, 2020 – Hour 3

Merry Christmas!

  • Special guest Chris Aubert continues the conversation about Pope Francis’ reaction. Maria and Tom called in to express their thoughts that he didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Chris shares the story of a Transgender Man giving birth.
  • Chris shares a story about a man who had to fake being gay to keep his job
  • Patty in LA has a bi-sexual son. She called in to say we have to speak the truth even if it means it separates from loved ones
  • Michele in Reno NV comments that her priest went on and on about how we need to accept all kinds of families, and it felt like he was talking about LGBT families. She says this agenda is not just coming from outside our circle, it’s from within too. Chris reminds her that we do need to respect and love everyone, but we don’t have to love what they do.
  • Chris explains what “Family” means.