The Patrick Madrid Show: January 20, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick shares that his mother-in-law Shirley passed away yesterday morning
  • What do we really mean when we say “rest in peace?” What is the “beatific vision?”
  • Caller: Ted in CA doesn’t like the sign of peace at Mass because everyone seems to avoid shaking hands with him and he feels awkward
  • Caller: Dave in IL asks if Patrick ever heard the Rolling Stones song, “Saint of Me”
  • Caller: Chandra in CA wonders if the people who march for life know to vote pro-life too
  • Caller: Brenda in MO shares an experience at Mass where she was overcome with emotion at the consecration and it’s because she wasn’t distracted by giving peace
  • Caller: Chris in KY asks about putting his daughter in a non-denominational Christian school because there are no Catholic schools in the area. Patrick gives advice
  • Caller: Joyce in CA asks about the Old Testament and polygamy