The Patrick Madrid Show: January 20, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Julie in WI shares her opinion on sharing peace at Mass and the idea of community as a distraction during Mass
  • Caller: Rick in IL asks how to know when to read the Bible literally vs. metaphorically. He asks about human tradition that goes along with the Bible
  • Caller: Ruben in TX is a fallen away Catholic and doesn’t understand why he can’t have a relationship with God without having to go to church
  • Caller: Tom in NY encourages listeners to join him on a bus to the March for Life
  • Caller: Maria in TX shares that the Christmas Mass was strange at her parish because they didn’t speak about Jesus’ birth
  • Caller: Pearl in TX asks about getting more people to the March for Life
  • Caller: David in TX asks about today’s reading
  • Caller: Jan in AZ
  • Caller: Mark in TX asks about a recommendation for his niece and nephew