The Patrick Madrid Show: January 21, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller asks if using the word “holy” before a word in an exclamation is a sin (i.e. “holy cow!”). Patrick shares his perspective
  • Caller: Carla in NM asks whether she should receive Holy Communion on the tongue or the hand
  • Caller: Archie in AZ asks if a Protestant pastor can bless holy water, or if it has to be a Catholic priest
  • Caller: Lucy in WI asks why we are allowed to receive Holy Communion twice in the same day
  • Caller: Peg in WI asks if the mystery of the Eucharist is similar to the sacrament of baptism because we can’t see our original sin being forgiven
  • Caller: Diane in MN asks about a specific “Be in health” retreat and if it is worth her time
  • Caller: Ines in CA asks why we drink from the same chalice at Mass. She thinks it is unsanitary. She asks about the Byzantine custom where they dip the host in the Precious Blood with a spoon
  • Caller: Neil in IL asks what to tell his son who is a pharmacist and needs advice on having to dispense abortifacients
  • Caller: Mary in OH asks if she did the right thing in the last moments of an unconscious man’s life by baptizing him