The Patrick Madrid Show: January 23, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Marie in Albuquerque, NM says her kid’s teacher is saying that confession is good for a month and a half even if they commit mortal sin. Is that correct?
  • Lee in Green Bay asks about the multiplication of loaves miracle and how to teach that to his students
  • Donna from Phoenix, AZ heard that there are particles, when we receive in hand, that fall to the ground. Who’d be responsible for that?
  • Phanary in Modesto, CA  – I’m a convert from Buddhism and my husband and I had a Buddhist wedding. Did I do anything wrong in the eyes of the Church?
  • Genie from Lincoln, NE asks what is the difference between penance and reparation?
  • Dennis in Stillwater, MN asks what is the proper way to dispose of old missals?
  • Dana from Lawrence, KS asks for advice on staying the course and growing in holiness
  • Jeff in LA, CA asks about confession and if our sins not confessed forgiven?