The Patrick Madrid Show: January 27, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Who was Bernard Nathanson? Chris shares his background as an abortion doctor turned pro-life
  • Caller: Karen in MN went to the March for Life and loved seeing the young people
  • Caller: John Paul in NM thinks this battle started before Roe v. Wade. It started with Margaret Sanger when she promoted birth control
  • Caller: Mary in NY is elderly and the only one from her parish at the March for Life.
  • Caller: Carol in NJ says priests need to speak against abortion more often and more publicly
  • Chris shares that he had 2 abortions before meeting his wife
  • Chris shares a story of a man who deflected a bullet shot with his wedding ring
  • Chris shares a story of Luke Burgie who fell ill in preschool and suffered for 6 months

*Guest Host Chris Aubert