The Patrick Madrid Show: January 28, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Maria in MN shares in re: to transgenderism, that when she was a little girl she was a tomboy but she grew out of that phase. She says kids are isolated now and bombarded with technology
  • Caller: Elizabeth in MN mentions a book by a Holocaust victim that reminds her of Chris’ dad, “My Heart is a Violin”
  • Caller: Rosemary in FL says there is a link between aborted fetal cells being in vaccines and kids who feel they want to be transgender
  • Caller: Robert in TX says there is so much negative talk these days; where is the positivity?
  • Chris shares the story of Kelly Kendall who got melanoma and was afraid it might be the last time she saw her son before taking him to the airport. A stranger does an act of kindness..
  • Caller: Dave in RI shares that he has an abortion in his past and doesn’t know what to do about it

*Guest Host Chris Aubert