The Patrick Madrid Show: January 3, 2020 – Hour 1

Merry Christmas!

  • Special Guest, Chris Aubert, opens the show by giving out the Relevant Radio Prayer Number, where you can call and leave your prayer and the folks here at Relevant Radio will prayer for you. That number is 888-577-5443
  • Chris shares his thoughts on the recent church shooting and how the shooter was stopped.
  • Jason from St. Louis, MO called in with his viewpoint on guns and that church should be a place that is holy.
  • Maureen in WI called in to say she is a practicing Catholic and I took a concealed carry class. She shares 3 important points she learned from that class.
  • Tim in IL says this violent epidemic is a product of mental health issues
  • Mike in St. Paul, MN is a practicing Catholic and he agrees with Chris that we have a right to defend ourselves. He also says we have to be emotionally prepared if we don’t take action in a moment of crisis.
  • Rose in Kentucky is a former military and police office who, unfortunately, had to take a life. She shares her story.
  • Deacon Joe from Milwaukee, WI called in to talk about how his family has had guns for generations. Guns are not inherently evil, it’s only when they get into evil hands