The Patrick Madrid Show: January 30, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Ariana asks why the priest moves from one side of the altar to the other when he reads the Gospel. Patrick admits he doesn’t know why
  • Caller: Archie in AZ has a Mormon family member and asks how to evangelize
  • Caller: Charlotte in MN watched a video called “Mercy 101” and it alluded to St. Faustina’s teaching that Jesus comes to a soul 3 times asking if they will accept Him
  • Caller: Joanna in CA asks how to explain the Holy Trinity to a friend
  • Caller: Robert in CA asks about the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary standing on top of a black moon
  • Caller: Emily in UT shares her experience of moving to Salt Lake and plenty of Mormons warmly welcomed her, but as soon as she made it clear she wasn’t converting they disappeared and didn’t want to be friends
  • Patrick discusses the Book of Mormon section that teaches racism (God cursed white people and turned their skin black). If Mormons once taught something that they now dismiss as false, how can their book be true?