The Patrick Madrid Show: January 31, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Virginia in WV asks about death, Heaven, Christian burial, etc.
  • Caller: Kimberly in AZ asks about her therapist who is a shaman
  • Caller: Grace in IL has been dating a Greek Orthodox man and they are discussing marriage. Is it okay to marry him as she is a Roman Catholic?
  • Caller: Christian in CA asks about his friend who is Catholic in name only and what he has to do to get right with God after marrying a girl outside the Church and is now divorced
  • Caller: Brett in MD asks why we call priests “father” when the Bible says “call no man father”
  • Caller: Thomas in IA asks Patrick to explain where evil comes from. Patrick points out that evil is not a “thing,” but the absence of a due good. Evil is caused by humans’ free will choices.