Updates on the impeachment process

  • Hour 1 of 1-7-20
  • It is 2020, and Speaker Pelosi still has not handed over the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. Sen. Mitch McConnell says that they will play by the rules, but you have to wonder if this is just an additional political taunting game on the part of Speaker Pelosi. Even Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic candidate is pleading with Democrats saying that this impeachment process is going to help the president win in 2020. And yet, Speaker Pelosi and the House are supposedly wanting to impeach President Trump AGAIN! We need to pray for our country and a firm resolution to all of this. Andrew McCarthy reports.
  • Why do bad things happen to good people, and why does God allow suffering? If you are facing a trial in your life and can’t make sense of it, Msgr James Shae wants to provide counsel. He gives you encouragement in the storm you might be facing, and explains what to do when it feels like God is not listening. He reminds us that God is not trying to punish you, and that He can make all things good.