Vandalism at Shrine, Fear & St. Joseph, Catholic Rural Life Movement, Care & Keeping 1.7.20

  • Father Matthew describes a recent incident of vandalism at the St. Joseph Marello Shrine in Santa Cruz. In an effort to be helpful, more problems ensue. How do you react when patience is necessary?
  • Father Matthew revisits a particularly impactful homily from the Feast of the Holy Family: the fact that St. Joseph experiences fear does not undermine his impactfulness. Emotions are a reality in the Christian life; do we put our trust in God when we react to emotions?
  • Father Matthew shares insights from his childhood, remembering the “uproot” of his family from city life to homesteading. Catholic Rural Life movement: helping Catholics survive hardships related to scarcity of priests/lack of vocations.
  • Care and keeping (of camping gear). Gospel of five loaves and two fish: reminds us how Jesus organizes his followers and entrusts the very people who doubted him to distribute his message.