Word of God, Dan Burke, Celebrating the Sacraments, St. Thomas Aquinas 1.28.20

  • Last Sunday was specially focused on the Word of God; Father Matthew shares how the word of God confirmed his call to the priesthood. The words of Jesus have the power to transform lives.
  • Father discusses the news: Dan Burke announced his resignation as president and chief operating officer of EWTN News on Jan 7. Prayer is more powerful than changing a structure or revamping a system. All change begins on an individual level; personal holiness changes.
  • Hosts used in the celebration of the Eucharist require specific ingredients. Making sure the form and matter are appropriate ensures grace.
  • On this feast of St. Thomas Aquinas: considering the Summa Theologica, is there a topic this great saint has not pondered? Good news: St. Thomas Aquinas isn’t a saint because he wrote the Summa, or because he was a brilliant thinker…he’s a saint because he lived a holy life; and said he’d learned more at the foot of the cross than everything he’d ever read.