Amazon Synod, Face of Evil, St. Faustina on Love, What Defiles? 2.12.20

  • Pope Francis calls for holiness in religious life; are we grounded in a proper understanding of the elements of our faith? We have to know our faith, in order to live it and explain it.
  • Looking like Satan: Father shares a story about a (Christian) man who modifies his appearance to resemble Satan. Why is evil ugly? Being cut off from God is being cut off from beauty itself. Mortal sin cuts off from God; confession reconciles us.
  • St. Faustina’s Diary: 890 Love transforms everything into beauty; makes us more free to do what God desires. We are called to live in love.
  • Mark 7: Jesus reminds us it’s not what goes into us that defiles; it’s the evil of our hearts that causes sin and folly.