American Secession Movements

  • Hour 3 of 2-27-20
  • A movement has arisen where states are calling for secession or realignment. People that can’t stand state’s liberal policies want them out! Could California leave the US? Internationally, we have seen this discussed and played out in Europe and Asia as well! It may seem crazy, but it is being talked about! Professor Frank Buckley wrote a book called American Secession. He explains that in 2016, the left was convinced that they controlled American culture, but now there is a movement fighting back against it and wanting a change. Get connected to his insight and whether this could happen.
  • Because of the Coronavirus, the stock markets are taking a hit! The DOW has been jittery with all of the uncertainty, and they continue to tick south. It fell nearly 1200 points today! The markets are now in correction territory, and no one knows how long it will last! Will fear and trepidation continue with people selling off? Chris Markowski has an update! He explains why he is not buying into the panic.
  • Fr. Rocky joins Drew to talk about his Lenten Lessons on the Mass, which you can sign up for here! Make Lent that time where you go back to Mass and Confession; there’s no better time than now. He says that he first put them together around 2012 and they are back by popular demand. Rather than feel defeated by your Lenten resolutions, he hopes that they will encourage you and keep you on the right track of your spiritual life. Today’s lesson is on genuflection, and he also talks about yesterday’s lesson on Holy Water and how it can help us with temptation.