Catholics divided on election

  • Hour 3 of 2-26-20
  • A new poll with Real Clear Politics and EWTN shows a clear divide with the Catholic vote. You can see it here. It looks at the vote for President Trump, whether more Catholics are Republican or Democrats, pro-life or pro-choice, and even stances on death penalty. It is a striking look at how many Catholics accept all Church teaching, and the number may surprise you. Dr. Matthew Bunson reports.
  • The Senate once again voted down the Born Alive Protection Act, which is meant to protect babies from botched abortions. Senate Democrats have allowed infanticide due to this, and you would think that any normal human being would want to protect life out of the womb. Sen. Ben Sasse, the author of the bill, reminded those on the floor that this is not even an abortion bill, and yet it was still struck down. Pure evil. Along with this, we are seeing HGTV promoting polygamy and other cultural ills. Mary Rice Hasson breaks it all down.