Chaplet/Catholic school enrollment dropping

  • Hour 2 of 2-24-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Listen to a replayed interview from Morning Air of Shawn Carney connected to 40 Days for Life. Hear John and Glen ask Shawn about the 40 Days campaign, how it started, and why Shawn felt convicted to begin this movement. Shawn explains that 40 Days for Life is meant to be a prayer vigil, not a protest. The ministry was highlighted in the movie, Unplanned, which chronicled the conversion of Abby Johnson. Shawn stresses the need to show joy, compassion, and truth to those who are pro-abortion. He says that we need to help them to realize that working for the culture of death is a “miserable way of life.” The spring campaign kicks off this Wednesday!
  • We are seeing a dramatic loss in enrollment for Catholic schools, particularly in New York. Ray Domanico explains that back in the day, Catholic schools were the primary choice. Now, more are choosing charter schools over Catholic education. There was an interesting article written by Crux which you can read here. It writes, “Enrollment in Catholic schools has decreased by 49 percent since 2000-01 in the state of New York, according to a new report released on Wednesday by the Manhattan Institute. If the K-12 Catholic school system is going to survive, not just in New York but also nationally, it needs both innovation and growth in public support, according to the report’s author, Ray Domanico.” Domanico has explained that some have started to argue that Catholic schools need to begin to truly embrace their Catholic identity.