Chaplet/Celebrating a Holy Catholic Easter

  • Hour 2 of 2-21-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • A clip of the interview Morning Air had with Steve Ray this morning! They talked about the feast day we celebrate tomorrow for the Chair of St. Peter. It may seem weird to celebrate a chair, but Steve explains the important reminder this is of the keys that Jesus gave to Peter. Despite the fact that Peter was far from perfect, he was given the important responsibility of leading and passing the faith on. Steve explains the papacy and shares how we can help Protestants understand why he as Catholics have this, and he makes a case for Church unity.
  • Fr. William Saunders discusses his book, Celebrating a Holy Catholic Easter. They talk about sacrificing during Lent, how to properly celebrate Mardi Gras, and the days that we can look forward to throughout Lent. Feast days like that of St. Joseph give us a nice break where we can enjoy some extra feasting throughout Lent. Father says that being Catholic is truly a wonderful gift, and should not deprive us of joy, even during Lent. Be ready to grow in your faith and prepared to celebrate Christ’s resurrection this Easter. We, too, die to ourselves and can  become a new creation this year.