Chaplet/Starbucks encouraging kids to have sex change

  • Hour 2 of 2-12-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Starbucks has started a campaign encouraging kids to have trans operations and embrace whatever gender they want. If you didn’t boycott them now, it might be a good time to start. One Starbucks ad has a girl who wants to be called James, and a Starbucks barista is shown affirming the decision. Why would Starbucks do this? How do you decide what companies to boycott or support? Do you draw the line anywhere? Let Starbucks know your outrage here.
  • Also, the Daily Wire is reporting this, regarding tax credits being denied due to kids going to Christian schools: “Wells Fargo, Wyndham, and others are literally taking money away from poverty-stricken, minority children and the Left is praising them for doing so. Why? In their mind (and that of the Sentinel), it is less risky to a child’s future to live in poverty, with one parent in the home, and continue to struggle academically than attend a Christian school.” You can read the whole article here. Lathan Watts reports.