Coronavirus a global outbreak

  • Hour 1 of 2-24-20
  • A look at the Nevada caucus, which was far more successful than the Iowa caucus. The Iowa caucus was so disastrous that the DNC may not allow that state to lead off anymore. Sen. Sanders pulled off another win, and he remains the clear front runner for the 2020 election to run against President Trump. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, however, wants a count recall as he believes he did better than reported. How about Biden? Is he done for good? He is struggling overall. Jon Ralston brings up these points and expands on what else he has seen in the race thus far.
  • How bad could the Coronavirus get? Dr. Robert Tiballi has been following it closely, and he says it will most likely be a global crisis. Expect that it will get bad in the US within the next few months, even if it doesn’t seem widespread in the states right now. Should you travel? Should you be opening packages from China? What can you do to stay safe? Get answers to this and more.