Coronavirus/Medicare for All

  • Hour 1 of 2-25-20
  • Do you notice more people starting to talk about the Coronavirus now? Tragically, the Coronavirus has made its way into Italy. The markets have been hit hard, and today and yesterday have caused many to worry about whether they will lose money in the markets, considering the plunge the Dow has taken. So should you fear? Harry Kraemer certainly doesn’t advise you to give into unnecessary fear and worry; he joins Drew to give you his take on whether there will be a correction soon, and the overall economic impact this will have.
  • Sen Bernie Sanders has been under fire for praising Castro, but as CBS’ 60 Minutes explains, he is not backing down. Are you concerned about his views of Democratic Socialism? Are you surprised that he is doing as well as he is? He is championing Medicare for All, and that sounds like a great idea. But he can’t seem to adequately explain how it would be paid for. What is the Catholic teaching on healthcare, and why do some value healthcare for everyone but they also champion abortion? Brad Hahn stops in to talk about Solidarity Health Care, and why Medicare for All is not the right solution in his opinion.