Coronavirus outbreak

  • Hour 1 of 2-27-20
  • A look at the Coronavirus outbreak with Dr. Bob Tiballi. The president has tasked VP Mike Pence with fighting this in the states, and some critics are claiming that we’re in trouble and the administration is not taking the right steps. What is really concerning is that one person caught this virus in California without travelling or coming in contact with anyone else who had it. Callers ask if they are able to travel to Rome, if this is an airborne virus, and what to do if they come in contact with someone who has it. Could we see an explosion of other cases in the country now? Dr. Tiballi says that there is no “slow taper” for this. He also gives out some of the key symptoms to look out for as well as precautions to take. Ed from California says we should take this seriously but not overreact.
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez reports on Nick Sutton who killed his grandma and was put on death row. He did a lot of bad things including taking a life of a fellow inmate. However, he did have a conversion and was able to change his life. He was not granted clemency in TN and many people cheered his death. Should we as pro-life Catholics be looking at the death penalty differently? Kathryn has called for mercy in these situations; she says we need to reflect on the tough backgrounds these criminals come from and see them through the eyes of Christ. Every life matters, no matter what a person does.