Democrats for Life

  • Hour 1 of 2-12-20
  • The Democratic race continues towards the primary nomination, and all signs are pointed towards a possible Sen. Sanders or Buttigieg win. However, Sen. Klobuchar also did well in New Hampshire last night; she also seemed to indicate that she is open to having pro-lifers in her party. This does not follow what Buttigieg or Sen. Sanders said, proclaiming that there is no room for pro-lifers in the party. Sen. Klobuchar’s voting record indicates that she is extremely pro-choice though. Kristen Day shares her thoughts and her recollection of when she told Buttigieg about being a Democrat who stands for life and was shut down.
  • The Amazon Synod was not without controversy. There was talk about allowing some married men in the Amazon region to become priests due to the shortage. This caused those of orthodox beliefs to worry that it would actually happen. Pope Francis shut this down as of this morning, putting out a document which you can read here. JD Flynn gives his analysis, and reminds listeners that the Holy Father has always said that he upholds the practice of priestly celibacy.
  • Drew reflects on the legacy of President Abe Lincoln, since today is his birthday. Despite President Lincoln’s initial lack of success, he did not give up his dreams to run for president. He never despaired, and this should give hope to us all. Nothing is ever wasted as long as you keep moving forward. Keep hoping, keep praying, and know that God is leading you to your destiny. Rise above the struggles that now face you. With God on your side, anything is possible.