Finance Friday/The decline of black abortions in NYC

  • Hour 3 of 2-21-20
  • A look at the markets with Peter Grandich for Finance Friday. He has lost his faith in the stock market and saw the value in gold, and he ended up predicting this accurately. He humbly shares his journey of making millions and losing millions, and therefore calls himself the ‘Former Wall Street Whiz Kid.’ He explains why we shouldn’t be as confident in the markets even though the financial media would want to have us believe that everything is OK. We can’t lose perspective on the reality that none of us can predict the future, and we need to put our faith solely in Jesus.
  • Rev. Walter Hoye shares the good news that abortions are down in NYC. As a Black pastor, he has helped so many ministers and Church going members of the African American community to see the truth about abortion and the harm it has had on the population. He explains the work that still needs to be done and admits that the West Coast has still been incredibly hostile to the pro-life message. He says that if we don’t wake up and realize the harm abortion and contraception is having, birth rates will continue to plummet.